Tree Transplanting at Vena’s Nursery of Belleville MI

Vena’s Nursery not only sells trees but we are willing to transplant your trees for you! Our equipment makes it possible to transplant large or small trees with greater success ensuring the life of the tree and your happiness.

We have three different sized tree spades. This allows us to move trees ranging in sizes from 1 inch caliper up to 12 inch caliper. We can bring the trees to your location or move trees on your location.

Our 90 inch Big John tree spade can move up to a 12 inch caliper tree. Giving you instant shade and beauty at your yard or business. We also offer a 48 inch tree spade that can dig up to a 4 inch caliper tree, and a 42 inch tree spade which can dig up to a 2 inch caliper tree. The caliper of the tree is determined by measuring the trunk 1 foot above the ground.

There are two ways to measure this: One is by using caliper gauge. The second method is by using a tape measure, go all the way around the trunk and divide by 2.

Tree Basketing and Burlap Services

Our digging and basketing services allow you to store your trees until they can be moved or replanted. Protect your investment have us dig and basket your trees until they can be transplanted.

Our Big John will dig up your tree safely. See our complete list of tree service equipment.