Tree Removal & Land Clearing at Vena’s Nursery of Belleville MI

Weather you need tree, shrub or brush removal, land clearing, trimming, or your property cleaned up after a storm Vena’s Nursery can help you. We work with you to restore your properties beauty professionally and quickly.

Vena’s Nursery is willing to compete with our competitor’s prices and will come give you a free estimate for your tree solutions. We are fully insured for your protection as a homeowner and ours as a business.

Tree, Shrub and Brush Removal
We are equipped to deal with any large or small removals you might have. Vena’s Nursery can remove trees that are posing a danger, dead trees, and to make room for new landscaping purposes. We have a wood chipper that will chip up to a 12 inch tree and a 60 ft. bucket truck to reach the highest trees you might have.

24 hour Emergency Services
Call on us when you are in need of a tree service to help you with you fallen tree on your home, or hazardous trees.

Tree and Shrub Trimming
Trimming promotes new growth, which allows for healthier trees and shrubs. Trimming also helps maintain the symmetrical shape of the tree or shrub. Doing this at younger stages will train the trees or shrubs to grow the way you want them to as a home owner.

We have a 60 ft. bucket truck for you tree trimming needs. This allows us to remove dead or damaged branches, thinning of weight on you trees, and wind or storm damage done to your trees. Thinning also helps to maintain the fullness of your trees and shrubs.

Land Clearing
Vena’ Nursery has the equipment to help you with the clearing of your lot for new construction or to give you a better view of your property. 

We are Insured!
We are willing to beat all prices. We will give you a free estimate and advice on your tree solutions.