Caring for the Tree after Transplanting from Vena’s Nursery of Belleville MI

“An old saying in the Tree Nursery business is when it comes to transplanting a tree: The first year a Tree Sleeps, the second year a Tree Creeps, and the third year a Tree Leaps!!!”

Never put topsoil on top of the ball, this will cut off the oxygen to the root system. Proper water management is the most critical factor in transplanting success!

Keeping the soil moist, but not wet. When watering a tree apply enough water to thoroughly soak the soil around the roots, which is the ball of the tree. Too much water can hurt a tree as well.

Trimming/ Pruning also aids in the success of the transplanted tree. When transplanting a tree you lose a percentage of the roots.  So with Trimming/ Pruning you are now balancing out the tree. So 80% root system is not feeding 100% of the tree.

You could also use an oversized tree spade to not damage any of the root system. In this case the tree would not know it was being transplanted.

We also recommend fertilizing your trees and using organic bone meal. Mulch and woodchips also help with moisture retention, and allowing better water infiltration into the soils during rain and watering.

You may apply 2-3 inches deep on the ball of the tree. Mulch and woodchips should be removed and replaced with new every 2 years, due to the decomposing and eventually cutting off the tree from oxygen.