Stump Grinding is a practical and cost effective means of removing tree stumps, which can otherwise take decades to decompose. It is far less invasive than removing the stumps with a bulldozer or bobcat, and will hasten the decay of remaining roots.

A tree stump that has been left after tree removal can become a home for insects such as termites, bees, wasps, and rodents. We go deep enough to replant trees or grass in the same area.


Vena’s Nursery has a 90″ tree spade which allows us to transplant trees with a caliper of up to 8″ inch. This giving you a tree that is well established in your yard at home or business. We also have a limited stock of large trees for sale as well that we can transplant.

The Caliper of a tree is the diameter of the trunk measured at 6″ about the soil I line, on trees that measure 4″ caliper or smaller. Over 4″ caliper trees are measured 1 foot from the soil level. HOw to get the Capiler size you need to wrap the tape measure around the trunk at 6″ record the circumfrence where the tape meets. then divide that number by 3.1416. If the tree is larger that 4″ at 6″ abvoe soil level redo your measurments at the foot high level.


Trimming promotes new growth, which allows for healthier trees and shrubs. Trimming also helps maintain the symmetrical shape of the tree or shrub. Doing this at younger stages will train the trees or shrubs to grow the way you want them to as a home owner.

We have a 83 foot Spider Lift for you tree trimming needs. This allows us to remove dead or damaged branches, thinning of weight on you trees, and wind or storm damage done to your trees. Thinning also helps to maintain the fullness of your trees and shrubs.


We are equipped to deal with any large or small removals you might have. Vena’s Nursery can remove trees that are posing a danger, dead trees, and to make room for new landscaping purposes. We have a wood chipper that will chip up to a 12 inch tree and a 83 foot Spider Lift to reach the highest trees you might have.